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Your sauna and massage offers

Sauna & massages

After an exciting day in the most beautiful city in the world relax with a sauna or a massage. Our sauna area is open between 5 pm and 10 pm and features a Bio sauna.

Type of massage 20 minutes 30 minutes 60 minutes
Classic massage   €30.00 €60.00
Breuss massage   €35.00 €65.00
Office/After-work massage €25.00 €35.00 €50.00
Foot zone massage   €35.00  
Shiatsu     €70.00


Classic massage

Our classic massages are designed to relax the body and ensure a better blood circulation in your muscles and skin. Apart from loosening stiff muscles and easing tension, these classic massages also relieve pain, alleviate knots and hardening of the muscles – and leave you feeling pleasantly invigorated.

Breuss massage

The Breuss massage is an energising spinal massage that is ideal for people with back problems. It involves gently loosening, energising and stretching the spinal column and the sacral bone, using oils to nourish the intervertebral discs.

Office/After-work massage

Life’s demands require us to be quick, precise, efficient as well as highly focussed and adept at multitasking. And most of our work is done at the computer. The office massage is very effective at improving your overall well-being and easing and preventing tension.

Foot zone massage

Reflexologists believe that areas of the feet, the “zones”, are connected with the body’s organs through nerve pathways. By massaging the corresponding nerve endings on the foot, you can influence inner organs and potential dysfunctions. This type of massage also has a positive effect on the blood circulation as well as the nervous and lymph system.


In the Japanese language, shiatsu means “finger pressure”, however the massage technique goes even further, with the masseur using the entire body to apply pressure. The therapist works less with muscle strength than with his own body weight. During treatment an “energetic relationship” is formed with the patient (energy in the sense of “Qi”, life force).