Musicals in Hamburg

Musicals in Hamburg

Hamburg is the German Capital City of Musicals - from Cats, The Phantom of the Opera or the awe-inspiring Lion King in the harbour of Hamburg to all new successful productions.


Disney's Aladdin

The musical recounts the timeless tale of Aladdin, the genie in the bottle, and the famous three wishes that have enchanted people for generations and across all frontiers.

Let yourself be drawn into the fascinating world of the Orient, and experience the magic of the 1001 Nights fairy tale. On New York's Broadway, Disney's ALADDIN with its spectacular and opulent stagecraft has been lauded by the press and loved by the public ever since it opened in March 2014.

With music from Tony Award® and Oscar® winner Alan Menken, colourful costumes and oriental flair, this fantastic story has been brought to the stage. Since its premiere in December 2015 the story of this world-renowned and Oscar-winning Disney film has also been captivating Hamburg's musical-going public at the Stage Theatre Neue Flora.

Disney's The Lion King

For many people the fascinating Lion King adventure in Hamburg starts as soon as they transfer from the landing stages to the Theater im Hafen on the other side of the Elbe. The combination of authentic sounds, fantastic costumes and the emotional songs by Elton John and Tim Rice bring the atmosphere of the Serengeti to life when the young lion Simba has to find his way in the savannah and take his place as king.

The world's most successful musical has already won over 70 international awards

The Lion King tells the story of the eternal circle of life, of becoming an adult and of luck, love and responsibility towards others. What is now the world's most successful musical has been seen by millions of people and won over 70 international awards - and there's no end in sight: since 2001, Disney's THE LION KING has also established itself in Hamburg as a magnet for audiences and is still captivating people of all ages.


The dream of Africa - within your grasp.

Heisse Ecke

Snack bar Heiße Ecke on the famous Reeperbahn in Hamburg is the meeting place for the whole quarter of St. Pauli. Here everyone gets a coffee, a beer or a hot curried sausage.

And cheeky banter is served for free! Enjoy the experience of 24 hours at Heiße Ecke! Encounter a fascinating world of lovers and losers, weirdos and regular blokes.

Every evening, there are nine performers in more than 50 parts and costumes on stage to present 22 wonderful songs and an intoxicating, racy show. Audience and critics agree: this musical is marvellous!

Picture Credits: Aladdin, Stage Entertainment