Vision & Philosophy

Junges Hotel Hamburg recognises the changes occurring in society and the social concerns of our times. Our way of thinking and our actions are shaped by the values of appreciation, joy, community, competence, economic efficiency and sustainability. This ensures a holistic approach to our business processes with the aim of reconciling the triad of humanity, economy and ecology and retaining a harmonious balance between them. This means that some decisions entail a higher degree of complexity. Embracing this complexity in order to make sensible decisions in line with our six values is the guiding principle of our hotel management.

Employees and Social Responsibility

Our members of staff constitute the heart of the hotel and it is they who bring it to life. They greet our guests and make them feel welcome. They fulfill their tasks with joy and enthusiasm and comply with high standards of quality and service.

Their cooperation is characterised by a feeling of mutual respect and appreciation. This inspires them to perform to the highest level at all times. Junges Hotel Hamburg encourages its employees in that it helps them find meaning in their work. Their personalities grow and mature through individual and collective advancement.

We are ethical pioneers in matters concerning corporate and management culture and thus exert influence over social developments. To live and work with heart and meaning is another guiding principle of Junges Hotel Hamburg.

Location and Guests

Here at Junges Hotel Hamburg we aim to provide an empowering sense of calm, a place where our guests can relax and recharge their batteries. As they enter through our doors, they leave behind the hustle and bustle of big city life. Their arrival should immediately feel like a breath of fresh air. We want to help them reduce the hectic pace of their lives and restore their sense of tranquility.

We are respectful and cordial when dealing with our guests and welcome them with an inner smile. Our positive attitude creates an atmosphere of ease and joy that pervades our rooms, which our guests appreciate as being very beneficial and pleasant. The rooms themselves are designed in a fresh and modern way to promote serenity and tranquility. Paired with the high level of empathy we feel for our guests, we like to anticipate their needs and fulfil their wishes to the best of our ability.

Junges Hotel Hamburg is both a vibrant and an innovative place. Pleasant conversations, networks, seminars, celebrations, having a meal or a drink together is what characterises life at the hotel. This is where people come to be inspired, generate ideas, enjoy life and let their creative juices flow freely. We would like all of the spaces in our hotel to provide guests with unique experiences that bring them relaxation, joy and an awareness for living in the moment.


By giving heart and meaning to how we work and live, by creating an awareness for the moment and by basing our business relations on a sense of true partnership, we embody our guiding principles. They describe who we are and what we aim to achieve. This means placing our values at the forefront of all that we do; we want to learn from our guests, from our suppliers and from each other, which is why we regard ourselves as a “learning organisation”.

We view ourselves as a holistic organism, just one part embedded in a larger macrocosm of society, economy and ecology. This is our responsibility. And it is our job to convey this responsibility as authentically as possible in all our daily work.