Our Code of Ethics

Long-term and sustainable business success is only possible if the corporate code of ethics is clearly formulated and applied in daily life. It is our clear understanding that ethics and economy are not mutually exclusive.

Junges Hotel Hamburg views itself as a company which takes its social responsibility seriously. As a result, we only cooperate with partners and customers whose activities on the market are morally unobjectionable. Our Code of Ethics prevents us from dealing with companies whose actions are deemed immoral and who infringe on ethical principles. We abide by our ethical principles in order to create lasting values for future generations.

Junges Hotel Hamburg does not regard its suppliers and partners as one-off business associates but strives to achieve a fair and trusting partnership; one, where the relationship is defined by the right balance of achievements and returns, opportunities and risks.

As a result, Junges Hotel Hamburg expects its suppliers and partners to adhere to the principles of ethical and sustainable management. It fundamentally opposes any cooperation with companies who are not committed to these principles.