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Everybody is important

Junges Hotel Hamburg views itself as a commercial enterprise with social responsibility. In accordance with our values, we place just as much emphasis on corporate development as on cost-effective operations and the long-term safeguarding of jobs. In pursuing these goals we are open to all options, both with respect to internal development as well as to the expansion of our ideas.

Junges Hotel Hamburg supports apprentices, long-term job seekers and the professional reintegration of employees.



Hamburg Basket Bowl XII

In 2015, for the first time, we sponsored the Hamburg Basket Bowl XII, a charity event for the Hamburg-based Produktionsschule Steilshoop, which provides guidance and support for young school dropouts and truants.


Die Produktionsschule Steilshoop

This vocational school for young people with learning difficulties was established by the Hamburg Ministry of Schools and Vocational Training in October 2009. Under the guidance of expert instructors and teachers, 52 students are given the chance to acquire skilled qualifications. The professionally equipped premises include carpentry, metalworking and painting workshops as well as catering facilities. In addition, students are offered the chance to resit their basic school-leaving exams. The aims are to initiate learning processes through productive skills, to strengthen students’ independence and to teach them to take responsibility for their own learning and lives. A second pillar of this school is to ensure these young people gain a sense of achievement through individualised learning. Additional motivation is provided through art (music and mosaics) and sports (football, boxing, swimming, fitness training). Further information is available under: (in German)

As part of the school’s sponsor package, Junges Hotel Hamburg offers internships and work placement for students in the field of catering.


Personnel policies

Apprentices and long-term job seekers

Since the opening of the hotel in the summer of 2000, more than 60 young job starters have successfully completed their apprenticeship and qualified as fully trained hotel clerks, chefs and specialists in the hospitality industry; of these, 20 were offered permanent employment in the hotel on completion of their training.

Regular exchanges with a variety of organisations (schools, municipal institutions or private companies) ensures that we are constantly offering internships or work placements in the fields of housekeeping, service, kitchen and reception to people from difficult social situations. Very often, following their placement, these interns begin an apprenticeship with us at the hotel (we have a success rate of over 80 per cent) or we are able to offer them permanent fixed employment.

The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg supported the hotel in the first few years of its existence through a programme, which was authorised by the Senate, designed to enable long-term unemployed job seekers to re-enter working life. As part of this programme, we were able to hire eight men and women, three of whom are still employed by our company today.

Occupational reintegration

Junges Hotel works in close cooperation with ARINET. ARINET offers support to people who have withdrawn from the labour market for a short or a longer period of time; the initiative provides them with opportunities for occupational reintegration and thus eases their re-entry into a working environment.

Hamburg-based companies are encouraged to offer internships and vocational training. Personal qualifications and skills are advanced through a modular system of training courses with the aim of achieving a long-lasting integration into suitable employment.


The proportion of employees with a migrant background at Junges Hotel Hamburg stands at around 23 per cent, which far exceeds the average; among other things, we have in the past been able to prevent deportations in multiple cases by offering apprenticeships to young people from Afghanistan. One young qualified hotel clerk is now permanently employed as a receptionist at Junges Hotel Hamburg.

Diversity Charter

The hotel has been a member of the Diversity Charter since 2007. This corporate initiative is designed to promote diversity management. But what does that mean to us? We regard the individuality and social diversity of all employees as an asset. Regardless of every individual’s gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or disability – discrimination in any form should and must be eliminated.

The “Diversity Charter” is a corporate initiative designed to promote diversity in companies and institutions. It is supported and endorsed by the Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration, Minister of State Aydan Özoguz. Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel is the initiative’s patron.

The initiative aims to promote the recognition, appreciation and integration of diversity into Germany’s business culture. Organisations are encouraged to create a working environment that is free of prejudice. All employees should be valued – regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or ideology, disability, age, sexual orientation and identity. The “Diversity Charter” was initiated in December 2006 by Daimler, BP Europa SE (formerly Deutsche BP), Deutsche Bank and Deutsche Telekom. Since then, more than 2,300 companies and public sector institutions have signed the “Diversity Charter”, and new signatories are constantly being added. (in English)


Equal opportunities are an important element in our shared community of values; each and every team member is equally important and shares responsibility for the success of the company.