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Cooperation with disabled persons and the ELBE sheltered workshop

From the very outset, when the hotel launched its business activities, the aim was to provide job opportunities for people with disabilities; initially we employed deaf persons in the housekeeping department. Sadly, this programme had to be discontinued for economic reasons and the daily room cleaning service has for some time now been managed by an external company. In the spring of 2006, we were able to recruit a young woman with a disability rating of 50% for the kitchen. At first she worked four hours a day with the appropriate support. After just a few months we were able to increase her daily working hours, and today – some six years later – she works full time as our breakfast chef.

Furthermore, we also cooperate with a major Hamburg-based sheltered workshop. Two years ago we launched a joint apprenticeship programme for mentally and physically disabled people who are employed in the housekeeping department under supervision. Following their apprenticeship, we now have a permanent working group of 8 to 12 men and women who clean 25 hotel rooms on average every day; a second group of apprentices, also made up of around 10 people with disabilities, is scheduled to begin shortly.

Every day, the new Elbe sheltered workshop takes on the responsibility of providing employment to around 3,000 people with disabilities. This makes them one of the largest German sheltered workshops and one of the biggest employers in the metropolitan region of Hamburg. The guiding principle is the daily recognition and appreciation of each individual and his or her achievements, and the objective is to provide qualifications and social integration.

The organisation offers vocational training and employment to people with disabilities at more than 50 locations – including around 30 external working groups – and at around 120 individual workplaces both locally and in regional companies.

As one of the largest stakeholders to address the concerns of people with disabilities, our corporate activity is consistently aligned with implementing full inclusion as laid down in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. After all, inclusion is the duty of all members of society: to create favourable conditions so that people with disabilities can participate in all aspects of life. This also applies to working life. The premise here must be to enable people with disabilities to be active participants in society and not just onlookers.


ARINET - Occupational reintegration

Junges Hotel Hamburg works in close cooperation with ARINET. ARINET offers support to people who have withdrawn from the labour market for a short or a longer period of time; the initiative provides them with opportunities for occupational reintegration and thus eases their re-entry into a working environment.

Hamburg-based companies are encouraged to offer internships and vocational training. Personal qualifications and skills are advanced through a modular system of training courses with the aim of achieving a long-lasting integration into suitable employment.

Foodsharing - sharing leftovers instead of throwing them out

www.foodsharing.de is an Internet platform that provides private individuals, retailers and producers with a means to offer or collect excess food free of charge. The platform also gives users the chance to arrange to cook together, sharing excess leftovers with others instead of throwing food waste in the bin. The basic idea behind this non-profit organisation is that people are encouraged to share edible goods, as sharing also has an ethical dimension. By sharing it, the idealistic value of food is restored because it becomes more than just a commodity – that is the idea behind www.foodsharing.de.

Junges Hotel Hamburg has been committed to this project since May 2013.